Cotswold AOBN Hare Trail 2018

I've been busy painting a five foot sculpture of a hare for this year's Cotswold AONB Hare trail...quite a job it turns out! he is quite big!

I'm one of about a hundred artists who have taken on hare (or a smaller leveret) this year. At the end of March they will be positioned outside all over the Cotswolds for the public to view, and then they'll be auctioned off in the autumn. Its been a fun project to get involved with, and its great to have contact with so many other talented artists all over the county.

My hare, Bryony, is based on the hedgerows around Stroud and particularly the fantastic Bryony which grows here. One side shows the winter hedgerow, and the other the summer. He is painted in acrylic paint - not my usual oils!

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